How to Troubleshoot a Hotpoint Oven

Updated February 21, 2017

Hotpoint branded kitchen appliances are manufactured by GE in North America and Indesit in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and other European countries as an entirely separate companies. Troubleshooting your GE-manufactured Hotpoint oven determines whether the oven can be fixed at home or you need to pay for repairs. Problems starting the oven are usually caused by problems with the electricity supply or the oven's controls.

Make sure the oven's power cord is connected to a working outlet if you have recently moved the appliance and the controls are unresponsive. The outlet might not be switched on if your kitchen features power switches for its appliances. Check your circuit breakers or fuses for signs of trouble if the outlet isn't working; reset the breakers or replace the fuse and try using the oven again.

Double-check that the oven's controls are in the right position for your needs. Hit "Bake" on the oven's controls then tap the "+" or "-" buttons to adjust the temperature and hit "Start." The oven doesn't start working until "Start" has been pressed on the ovens controls. Hit "Cancel" a few times if you make a mistake, and start over.

Move the oven out from against the wall and check the gas shut-off valve either on the gas supply pipe or the wall behind the oven is in the "Open" position. Your Hotpoint gas oven won't start unless it can access gas from the main supply. If you use an LP canister with your oven, make sure there is enough remaining product. Refill or replace the tank and try again.

Unplug the oven and wait five to 10 minutes for the internal computer to reset itself. Re-connect the power and try operating the oven again. Temporary faults with the oven's computer might prevent the controls working correctly or stop the oven heating up correctly.

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