How to write an awesome fan letter

Updated February 21, 2017

Fan letters are one way to show your appreciation for a beloved celebrity, be it an athlete, musician, actor or any famous public figure. Fan mail can also yield benefits such as a response or autograph. An awesome fan letter requires some consideration in order to show your favourite celebrity how much you truly appreciate him or her.

Make a list of reasons why you like this celebrity. Include what they do in the public light, such as their musical styling, or a public service they perform. Avoid superficial things like how good-looking they are. Instead say something meaningful, such as how savvy they are with fashion or how they inspire you to look your best.

Write an introductory paragraph that shows who you are in two or three sentences. Include your name and age and how long you have followed their work. Include that your intention for writing is to show appreciation. Don't ask for something right off the bat; this is no way to flatter a person.

Write a second paragraph in four or five sentences explaining why their work is meaningful to you. Think about what is significant about their work that draws you to them and use your list for guidance. Include in some area of this paragraph how they have affected you positively. This shows you are a true fan and know their work.

Wrap up with a third paragraph of three to four sentences. Celebrities get ton of fan letters, so keep it to a page in length. This will give it a better chance of being read. Include gratitude for their work. This is where you can slip in that you hope to get a response or obtain an autograph. Asking shows you want it, but that it isn't your sole reason for writing.

Sign the end of the letter with an appropriate phrase such as "Sincerely Your Fan," or "Thanks Again For Your Inspiration." Avoid too-personal phrases like "Love," or big proclamations like "Your Number-One Fan," as these might be off-putting and not seem genuine.

Read over your rough draft for grammatical errors. If you aren't a skilled editor ask a friend who is good with the written word to look it over. That person can also give you some feedback on anything you might want to add or omit.

Write out your final draft in pen on stationery in legible writing. An unreadable letter will surely get tossed aside. After your closing phrase at the bottom you can opt to use your personal signature, but write your name in clear print below it with your contact information so your celebrity can contact you back.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Stationery
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