How to Make the Internet Explorer Browser Refresh Every 30 Minutes

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer and most other Internet browsers available do not come with tools that allow you to automatically refresh Web pages at predetermined intervals. An automatic refresh tool is useful if you need to monitor events that constantly change --- such as sports scores and financial markets --- but you don't want to have to hit the refresh button every time you want to find out about these changes. Luckily, there are free tools that you can use or download on the Internet that allow you to automatically refresh Web pages every 30 minutes.

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Refresho website. (See Resources)

Enter the Web page's address that you would like to refresh in the address dialogue box. Remember to include "http://" before you enter the page's address.

Enter "1800" in the seconds dialogue box and click "Submit." You are taken to the Web page you entered. You see a counter at the top of the page that tells you when the page refreshes again.

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to a website that offers a free downloadable automatic refresh program for Internet Explorer. Three websites that offer these programs are Xwen, Softpedia and Refresher. (See Resources)

Download the automatic refresh program and wait for all of the features of the program to be downloaded to your computer --- a program dialogue box should tell you when this happens and you should see a new toolbar in Internet Explorer.

Navigate to the particular Web page that you would like to refresh. From the refresh program's toolbar, choose "30 minutes" and click "Auto Refresh." The page refreshes every 30 minutes.

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