How to Remove a 7D Battery Cover

Updated March 23, 2017

The Canon Eos 7D is a professional, digital single lens reflex (DLSR) camera for which many accessories are available. One such accessory is a battery grip, a device that is shaped like a handle, making it easier to take steady photos, but that also contains a battery, which enables you to use your camera for a longer period of time. The stem on the end of the battery grip clips into the battery compartment, but to do this, it's necessary to remove the battery cover on the camera.

Open the Canon Eos 7D battery cover, which is located on the base of the camera. Slide the clip toward the centre of the camera using your fingers, and the battery cover should flip open.

Open the cover fully using your fingers. Locate the hinge that attaches the battery cover to the camera.

Use a small flat head screwdriver and insert it at one end of the hinge between the hinge and where it clips into the camera. The hinge is spring loaded, so use the screwdriver to push the spring in the hinge toward the centre of the hinge, and then pry out the hinge from the camera.

Hold the battery cover using your fingers and slide the other end of the hinge on the battery cover away from the camera so it is detached. Lift off the battery cover and put it in a safe place.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flat head screwdriver
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