How to Activate Your O2 Internet

Updated April 17, 2017

O2 is one of the major providers of Internet services in the United Kingdom across a variety of platforms. Activating your O2 Internet on your mobile phone or computer allows you to gain access to the Internet and begin using your service as quickly as possible.

Insert your O2 SIM card into the mobile phone to set up your O2 Internet on your mobile phone. Turn on the mobile phone and wait for a text message containing your network settings. Save the message and reboot the phone. Your Internet service should now be activated. If the message does not arrive, send a message with the word "ACTIVE" to 2020 to receive the settings.

Ensure that you have received your activation e-mail before you set up your O2 Internet in your home. Attach the router you received from O2 to your computer using an Ethernet cable Attach it to your phone line using the filters provided. Insert the activation CD into your computer's CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

Plug the USB modem you received at the time of purchase into your computer to set up your O2 mobile Internet for your laptop. The modem should automatically connect to the Internet. If this fails, enter 'My Computer' and double-click on the icon for the USB modem to manually start the set-up.

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