How to Get a Tipp-Ex Stain Out

Updated July 20, 2017

Spilling Tipp-Ex, or any other correction fluid, on your favourite garment will usually cause a bright white stain. There are different types of ingredients used by manufacturers to make correction fluid. Stains caused by water-based correction fluid are usually easier to remove than stains caused by fluid containing an organic solvent. While no stain-removal method is ever guaranteed to work, you can try to save your garment.

Let the correction fluid dry on the fabric. A dry stain is easier to remove and reduces the risk of spreading.

Rub the edge of a coin on the stain to remove as much dried correction fluid as you can.

Pour or spray pretreatment stain remover on the stain. While a stain remover in liquid form may work, a pretreatment stain remover in aerosol form usually gives better results for this type of stain.

Soak the stain in chlorine bleach if the stain remains. Only perform this step on white garments, as it may discolour coloured fabrics.

Bring your garment to a dry cleaner if the stain is still visible. Tell your dry cleaner that a solvent-based paint caused the stain so an appropriate stain remover can be applied.


Let the stain dry, but don't wait too long. Old correction fluid stains tend to be more difficult to remove.

Things You'll Need

  • Coin
  • Pretreatment stain remover
  • Chlorine bleach
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