How to make tiny photos for lockets

Updated April 17, 2017

A locket is a special piece of jewellery in that it allows the wearer to place a picture inside of it. You may choose to put a photo of a significant other, family member or pet inside. At most photo printing companies, photos aren't traditionally printed in a locket size. Using editing software, it is easy to take one of your personal photos and resize it for placement in a locket.

Determine the size of photo required for your locket. Some lockets will say what size photo is needed on the packaging. If not, you can measure the sample photo that came with the locket or cut a piece of paper to the proper size and measure that.

Select the photo you want to put in the locket. Keep in mind that for smaller lockets, you will most likely want a closeup shot.

Open your editing software and create a new canvas/document.

Enter the dimensions for the size you need to print to fit your locket. Some software will let you do this when you create the new canvas/document, while others require you to go back and change it later.

Open the photo you are using and paste it into the canvas you created. Some software will automatically resize the photo to the canvas size. Others will require you to do this manually after you paste the photo.

Save the photo as a JPG file under a new file name. It is now ready for printing.


If you aren't sure whether or not your photo will fit in the locket, make multiple sizes and print them on a sheet of plain paper before printing the final version.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Digital photos
  • Editing software
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