How to Make Your Photos Into Postcards

Written by laura catella | 13/05/2017
How to Make Your Photos Into Postcards
Send your family a customised photo postcard. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

With so many different ways to turn your photos into postcards, you no longer have an excuse for not sending loved ones and friends postcards while travelling. You can send your photos as postcards themselves, stick photos to reinforced backing or order customised photo postcards online.

Use your photo as a postcard itself. You do not need anything special to change a photo into a post card, simply designate an area for a stamp, to and from addresses and special message on the back of the photo. If the photo is stored on your computer, print it sized 4-by-6 inches on photo paper.

Use a service such as Premium Postcard, which is provided by the United States Postal Service. This service allows you to upload your photos to an online database, and the USPS will send your photos as postcards.

Order photo stickers and stick your photos to a post card backing. Many online services can print you photo stickers in postcard sizes (typically 4-by-6 inches). Visit one of these services, upload your photos and order your stickers. You can get post card backings from your post office or online.

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