How to Convert Pachislo Slots to Coins

Updated February 21, 2017

Pachislo machines are Japanese slot machines that are often refurbished and resold in America after they have been retired from active duty in Japanese casinos. The name "Pachislo" is actually a combination of the words "Pachinko" and "slot," and these machines are popular with American buyers because they are much less expensive than a new American-made machine. A Pachislo machine is a simple reel-type slot machine that is intended to accept only tokens, but because the tokens they accept are only about 1/32-inch larger than American quarters, it is very simple to modify the machine to accept coins.

Open up the Pachislo machine by inserting the key into the keyhole on the side. The front door will swing open upon turning the key.

Locate the coin mech in the door. This is a black plastic box that is square in shape, except for the right-hand corner, which cuts down diagonally. It is located midway in the door, on the left-hand side, and has several wires connecting it to the rest of the electronics on the door.

Remove the wire connectors by gently pulling on their connecting clips.

Pull open the latch on the left side of the coin mech to allow it to swing outwards.

Swing the mech out and simultaneously push it to the left to detach it from the right side. The coin mech will be separated from the door.

Turn the mech over, so that you see the various mechanisms of the reverse side instead of the smooth plastic of the front side.

Locate the coin sensor. This is a small rectangular plastic box that fits into a slot on the middle of the far left side of the mech. It has one wire coming out of it.

Use your fingers to gently pull the sensor out of the mech by pushing out the small plastic tab that holds it in place.

Use the X-Acto knife to shave 1/32-inch of plastic off of the bottom of the sensor piece. The bottom is the end opposite to where the wires come from.

Put the sensor back into place. Being slightly smaller, it will not fit in unless a piece of paper is folded and pressed into the space at the bottom where the plastic was shaved off.

Put the mech back into place, and reattach the wires.

Plug the machine in, and turn it on without closing the door.

Put a quarter in the machine to verify that the Pachislo accepts quarters.


Converting a Pachislo machine to accept coins is not legal in every state. Refer to your state's laws before performing this conversion.

Things You'll Need

  • X-Acto Knife
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