How to anoint candles

Candle rituals are common in Wicca and in magic-infused branches of Catholicism such as Santeria. Santeria is a religious practice blending magic, Catholicism and African/Caribbean rites, which originated in Cuba. Certain rituals, especially in Wicca and Santeria, are typically enhanced by the use of candles anointed, or coated, with special oils. This ceremonious use of oil-coated candles in spells is sometimes known as candle magic; the magic depends in large part upon the anointing of the candle in a particular essential oil.

Have your candles ready to anoint before dipping your fingers in the oil. If the candle comes in a glass, you will rub the top surface only. Dip your fingertips in the oil to coat thoroughly. Use an essential oil, or almond or olive oil scented with a few drops of perfume or a flavouring extract. Choose the correct scent for the spell you wish to create; for example, patchouli oil for attracting money, or rose oil for a love spell.

Apply the oil to the candle by one of two methods. You can pour a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand, warm it and then rub it over the whole surface of the candle, or you can put the oil on your fingertips and draw your fingers up and down over the candle. In both cases, begin at the middle of the candle and work up or down according to the kind of spell you will be performing.

Anoint the candle for a banishing spell by rubbing the oil in from the middle of the candle down to the bottom end. When the bottom half is coated, start at the middle again and draw your fingers up to the wick end to coat the top half.

Cast a spell to draw something or someone to you by beginning to coat the candle from the middle up to the wick end. Then, return to the middle and draw your oil-coated fingers down to the bottom, making sure you fully coat the candle.

Coat the oiled candle with herbs or spices, such as powdered basil or cinnamon, if you wish to enhance its fragrance and power.

Purchase the correct type of candle and essential oil for the type of spell you wish to cast. You'll find candles and oil at a botanica, a special store that sells magical and religious supplies.

Write the prayer words or name of the person the spell is directed at on the candle, using a toothpick. Many spells involving anointing candles are love spells, in which case the words might be the name of the person you wish to attract.

Rub the candle with the correct essential oil. Put the oil into your hands and rub it over the surface of the candle until it is completely covered and feels smooth and soft to the touch.

Apply several different types of magical oil, perhaps as many as five, if needed. Layer these oils in a specific order. Lavender oil is associated with love spells, for example.

Things You'll Need

  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Pure olive oil
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Flavouring extracts
  • Herbs and spices (optional)
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