How to Get Into Teaching Without a Degree

Written by lydia king | 13/05/2017
How to Get Into Teaching Without a Degree
Specialised experience can be an alternate path to a teaching career. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Finding a teaching job when you don't hold a four-year college degree can be a challenge. If you are an experienced professional in speciality field however, you may find alternative routes into teaching. Many vocational and technical schools hire skilled instructors to train students, and for these types of teaching jobs years of experience and know-how can be more important than the college degree. If you make your job search international, you may find even more opportunities outside the United States.

Complete certification for a Career and Technical Education speciality. Experienced professionals in areas such as such as auto mechanics, cosmetology or masonry may be eligible to teach vocational courses in state schools. Although a four-year college degree is a common requirement, some states allow you to substitute experience for credential. Certification requirements vary, so refer to the appropriate state board of education website.

Apply for a job as a nurse instructor. Experienced nurses can teach nurses aides, practical nursing and registered nursing programs. Take every opportunity to train nurses in new procedures and document all of your training experience on your resume.

Register for a Teaching English to Foreign Learners course and earn a certificate. Public and private schools in many countries hire native English speakers to teach. Although a Bachelor's degree is a common requirement, some countries are open to hiring teachers without degrees.

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