Elite ElastoGel Fitness Machine Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Elite Crono Primo Fluid Elastogel Wireless Bike Trainer is a digital indoor bicycle trainer that includes wireless communication between the resistance unit and the handlebar display. The device's "elastogel" resistance roller attaches to your bike's rear wheel so that you can cycle in the comfort of your own home. You can also use your bike's gear levers to change resistance levels just as you would outside. This particular model includes a wireless computer that attaches to your handlebar and tracks 15 different functions including wattage, distance, calories, total time and more.

Turn the unit upside down and remove the bottom cover by unscrewing the two screws. Insert two AA batteries, replace the cover and secure it with the two self-tapping screws.

Place the resistance unit on the base between the two legs. Fasten it with the M6 x 25 screws and the 6.3 x 14 washers.

Attach the rear wheel of the bike to the base. Use the front holes on the unit for smaller bike wheels or the rear unit holes for bikes with bigger (700mm) wheels. Race bikes with 670mm wheels can use the centre unit holes.

Substitute the quick release of your bike's rear wheel with the one included with the trainer. Tighten the new quick release.

Place the locking ring on the side of the unit. Unscrew the fastening screw until the right support cup touches the frame stand.

Make sure the stand's front legs are in a vertical position. Insert the left edge of your bike's quick release in the left support cup. Make sure the undercutting is facing upward. Tighten the fastening screw by rotating the handle. The right support cup should touch the nut on the right side of the quick release lever.

Rotate the handle until the bike is tightly secured to the support stand. Lock the fastening system by moving the locking ring handle into the lock position.

Push your bike toward the resistance unit the rear wheel touches the elastogel roller. Make sure the bike is firmly secured by moving the saddle. If it is not fully secured, tighten the handle another one-quarter turn.

Attach the computerised unit to either side of your handlebar. If your handlebar is too wide for the computer clamp, remove one or both gum parts on the unit so that the clamp becomes bigger and can fit on your handlebars.

Open the battery housing on the rear of the computer unit and insert two AA batteries. Attach the computer to the support clamp, making sure the display is in a position where it will be visible when you are riding the bike.

Connect the cable on the rear side of the computer to the support. Turn the computer switch to "ON." If your model does not have a switch, press one of the two buttons. Press the "MODE" button for at least three seconds to enter the set-up mode.

Choose the unit of measurement by pushing the left "SET" button until the screen reads METER or KM/H. Make your selection and press "MODE" to confirm your choice.

Set your weight on the machine. The next screen will show the weight of your bicycle plus your own weight. To modify the numbers, press the "SET" button to change each digit that is flashing and the "MODE" button to confirm your choice. Repeat this for all three digits on the display.

Confirm the resistance type for the training unit. The display should read "Type 3" -- if it doesn't, press the "SET" button until 3 appears. Press "MODE" to exit the set-up screen.

Sit on your bike and press the "ON" switch. Press "SET" or "MODE" to turn on the computer.

Slowly begin pedalling as you would if you were riding your bike outdoors or on a track.

Change the resistance on your bike by adjusting your gear lever as you would normally.

Press the button on the computer while you are riding to review all your data. The information is divided over three screens. The "MODE" button will move you among the different screens.

Turn the computer switch to "OFF" when you are finished cycling. If your model does not have a switch, disconnect the cable from the support. The computer will turn off automatically after two minutes of inactivity.


Never get on the bike if it is not firmly attached to the stand. The resistance unit is very hot when in use. The stand is intended for one cyclist at a time.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 AA batteries
  • 5mm hexagonal key
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