How do I Get an Email Read Receipt?

When you send an e-mail to another person, you may not know if that person received your e-mail unless he or she replies to it. To determine if your e-mail was received and/or opened by the recipient, some e-mail programs such as Microsoft Office Outlook provide a "read receipt" option. This option will automatically create an e-mail to you informing you that the email was received by the recipient's mail server and/or opened by the recipient, depending on the options selected.

Launch your e-mail program, for example Microsoft Office Outlook.

Click "New" and then "Mail Message" to create a new e-mail message. Type the recipient's e-mail address on the "To" line. Press the "Tab" key twice and type in a subject for the email message. Press the "Tab" key again and type the body of the message.

Click "Options" to display the message options. Check the box labelled "Request a Delivery Receipt" to receive a receipt e-mail when the recipient's mail server accepts the email. Check the box labelled "Request a Read Receipt" to receive a receipt e-mail when the recipient opens the email message.

Click the "Send" button to send the email.


Microsoft Outlook provides a set-up option that allows users to disable the read receipt functionality either globally or on a case-by-case basis. You will not receive a read receipt e-mail even though you requested it if the recipient has that functionality disabled.

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