How to attach a document in the body of outlook email

Updated July 20, 2017

The location of where your document attachments are placed in a Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail depends in the format of your e-mail. In Outlook you can send an e-mail message in Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text format. Your e-mail message will appear below the subject line if you use HTML or Plain Text. If the email message is in Rich Text format, your attachment will appear in the body of the message.

Launch Microsoft Office Outlook and click the "New" message icon in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen.

Click the "Options" menu and select "Rich Text" from the "Format" pane.

Click the "Insert" menu and click "Attach File" from the "Include" pane to open the "Insert File" dialogue window. Browse for your document and click "Insert." The attachment will be placed in the body of the email message.

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