How to Decorate Gossamer Fabric

Gossamer is a synthetic fabric that is sheer and lightweight. It is sold in sheets or rolls. It is very inexpensive and can cover walls and ceilings to transform plain surroundings into themed party areas. Decorators use it for embellishing rooms for wedding receptions and proms, as well as in the home, like in kids' rooms. You can buy it in many different colours and patterns, but you can also add your own decorating touches.

Stretch out the gossamer fabric flat outdoors on old newspapers. Spray paint it to add an accent colour. Pleat or randomly make folds in the gossamer to add interest to the paint pattern. Spray a second or third coat of paint on the gossamer to add more depth. You can also use glitter fabric spray to decorate the gossamer. Let each coat dry thoroughly.

Glue small ornaments to the gossamer fabric to keep with a party or room theme. For example, glue small plastic starfish, crabs and shells onto gossamer to use as a ceiling cover in a room with an aquatic theme. Space the ornaments 10 or 12 inches apart in an overall even coverage of the gossamer.

Wrap lengths of artificial ivy, grapevines or other vines in a single layer of gossamer and glue it closed. Use the wrapped garland to decorate arches and doorways.

Wrap strings of twinkle lights in two or three layers of gossamer. Tie bows with strips of gossamer every few feet to keep the layers in place. Use the lighted garland to line window frames or other structures to add mood lighting to a room.


Almost any craft instructions for projects with tulle or other sheer fabrics will work using gossamer fabric instead.


Do not use hot glue for gossamer fabric projects. Synthetic fabric such as gossamer may melt at higher temperatures.

Things You'll Need

  • Gossamer fabric
  • Spray paint
  • Glitter fabric spray
  • Glue
  • Small ornaments
  • Artificial ivy
  • Twinkle lights
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