How to Tell if a Man Is Attracted to a Woman

Updated May 23, 2018

A whopping 93 per cent of all human interaction is nonverbal, according to an article by Nancy Fagan in "BBW Magazine." About 23 per cent of a guy's interest in you can be deciphered from his tone of voice. The remaining 77 per cent of his attraction is in his mannerisms. To figure out if he's interested in you, watch his body language.

Notice his feet, if the two of you are standing. If he's attracted to you, his toes are probably pointing in your direction. If he's sitting, he may aim his knees at you. If you're sitting across from him at a table in a restaurant, however, this hint doesn't work because he has little choice in the matter.

Follow his gaze. If you've encountered him across a crowded room, check out his initial eye contact. A clue as to whether he's interested is how long he watches you before he looks away. If it's five or six seconds, he's probably attracted to you. If you're talking, notice how long he holds your gaze before he looks away and where he looks when he breaks eye contact. If his gaze scans the rest of your face, that's a good sign. The caveat is if he doesn't meet your eyes at all and focuses on some other part of your body. He's definitely interested, but you may not want him to be.

Watch the way he holds his head when the two of you are talking. If he tilts it to one side while he's listening to you, that's good. If he begins unconsciously mimicking your actions, that's even better. For instance, if you reach for a pretzel, he might do the same thing. If he leans toward you, maybe feigning that he didn't quite hear you and asking you to repeat what you said, he's definitely attracted to you.

Pay attention to how often he touches you and why. If he's attracted to you, he may start marking his territory with casual touches. If you're seated at a table together, he might touch your shoulder if he has to get up and excuse himself for a moment. If one of you said something funny and you're laughing, he might place a hand briefly on your arm. The more of these little signs he gives, the more likely it is that you will be seeing him again.

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