How to Polish a Sea Shell

Updated February 21, 2017

If you enjoy collecting and looking at shimmering, colourful seashells from the beach, you may want to use the shells in your craft projects. However, seashells can sometimes be rough and jagged, especially if you only have a portion of the seashell. One solution is to smooth down the colourful shells using a standard rock polisher, which can polish and shine seashells just like it does to rocks and minerals.

Take the barrel off of a rock polisher, and fill the barrel halfway with water. Place six to eight small or two or three medium seashells inside the barrel. The seashells need to be small enough to roll around freely inside of the barrel.

Pour 113gr. of coarse sand into the barrel, and tighten it back onto the rock polisher. Run the rock polisher for 24 hours. The coarse sand will smooth out jagged edges and roughness on the shells.

Take off the barrel again, and empty the contents through a strainer. Rinse the seashells with water in the strainer.

Fill the barrel halfway with water again, and place the seashells back into the polisher. Add in 113gr. of fine sand. Run the rock polisher for another 24 hours. The fine sand will make the seashells very smooth and shiny.

Take the barrel off again, and empty the contents of the barrel through a strainer. Wash off the seashells in the strainer to remove any excess sand. You can now use your polished seashells in your craft projects or set them out for display.

Things You'll Need

  • Rock polisher
  • Strainer
  • Rough sand
  • Fine sand
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