How do I Clear the Parental Lock on a Philips TV?

Updated March 23, 2017

Like other high-end TVs, Phillips TVs include a built-in parental lock to prevent children from accessing restricted content. If the parental lock on your Phillips TV is activated and you've forgotten the code you set to deactivate it, you can use a special override code that will enable you to clear the lock no matter what code you set.

Turn on your TV and press the "MENU" key on your Phillips remote.

Use the remote's "up" and "down" buttons to select either "AUTOLOCK" or "SMARTLOCK"--which one will appear in the menu depends on your TV's model, but either one will work. Press the remote's "right" button and you'll be prompted for an override code.

Enter "0711" using the remote's numerical keypad. If the TV tells you this code is incorrect, enter it again; lying to you about this is a particularly tricky security precaution on some TVs. The second time you enter the code, it should let you into the lock menu.

Select "BLOCK" from the lock menu and then "BLOCKING OPTIONS" and, finally, "MASTER DISABLE." When you press the right arrow key on "MASTER DISABLE" and the screen displays "MASTER DISABLE ON," the parental lock will clear.

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