How to Delete My DTP Book on Amazon

Updated March 20, 2017

Amazon's Kindle is a portable e-book reader. Users purchase e-books to load onto the machine to read anywhere at any time. Amazon Kindle's Digital Text Platform (DTP) is the process by which users can upload e-books to sell. DTP changed names in 2011 to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). While the name changed, the process by which users add, edit and remove their publications has not changed. Deleting a publication is only possible if the publication is in draft mode and not yet published on Amazon.

Visit the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing website. Click "Sign In" and proceed to log in with your user name and password.

View the Bookshelf screen which appears upon log in. All the e-books you created will be listed on this screen. To remove a title click the "Actions" button for the title you wish to remove.

Click "Unpublish" from the drop down menu that appears. A dialogue box appears asking you to confirm the title and ASIN for the item you wish to remove. Click "OK" to proceed. The title will immediately be unpublished and will be unsearchable within 24-72 hours.


DTP books cannot be deleted from Amazon unless they have not yet been published. The books can be unpublished and therefore not for sale.

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