How to Paint My Face As a Sheep

If you need to play a sheep or want to go as one for Halloween, painting your face will make your costume look more realistic. Everyone knows how to paint a kitty face, but sheep are a little more tricky because most people don't see them every day. There are a few techniques to use to make sure that you look like a sheep and not a goat or a cow, which look similar to sheep in face-painting.

Place a picture of a sheep in front of you to use as a reference and a mirror right next to it. Mix a pea-size amount of white face paint with a tiny amount of red and brown to get a pale beige. If you are going for a more cartoonish look for your sheep, use white by itself. Spread the base colour evenly over your face with a make-up sponge and be sure to cover your eyebrows and lips. Dust some setting powder on to keep it in place.

Mix more brown or a tiny amount of black into the shade you used as the base for your sheep. Use the corner of a make-up sponge to make a light contouring line from the inner corners of your eyes to either side of your nose. This will give the appearance of the long, straight snout of a sheep. Blend the edges of the lines.

Line your eyes all the way around with a brownish black paint using a thin make-up sponge tip brush. Extend a 1/4 inch line from the inner corners of your eyes at a downward angle. Line the inner eye line up with the angle of the sides of your "snout".

Line the outside edges of your nostrils and the bottom ridge of your nose with a thin sponge tip brush. The nose skin can either be black or pinkish brown. Extend this down into a "V" shape right below your nostrils. Draw a thin line from tip of the "V" to the middle of your upper lip.

Mix a little more red into the colour you mixed for the snout contour and apply it to your lips. Apply the colour within your natural lip line to make your lips look thinner, like a sheep's lips. Now you're ready for some ears and a fluffy white wig to complete your sheep look.

Things You'll Need

  • Sheep picture
  • White face paint
  • Make-up sponges
  • Setting powder
  • Brown face paint
  • Red face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Sponge tip make-up brushes
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