How to Replace Belt on a Hotpoint Aquarius Reversible Tumble Dryer

Updated February 21, 2017

Reversible tumble dryers in the Aquarius appliance line by Hotpoint have doors with a reversible open direction. A motor and pulley system inside each dryer powers the rotation of the tumbler drum. A broken, stretched or defective belt prevents the drum from tumbling properly. Replace the belt with a new belt to keep the dryer running properly.

Unplug the power cord before opening the Aquarius reversible dryer.

Open the door in the front of the dryer. Remove the screws on the bottom of the top panel from inside the dryer.

Lift the top panel to detach it from the dryer cabinet. Set the top panel against the wall behind the Hotpoint dryer.

Lift the front panel away from the dryer base to detach it. Set the front panel to the side of the dryer.

Pull the idler pulley arm toward the front of the Hotpoint Aquarius dryer cabinet to loosen the belt. Remove the old belt from the drum and pulleys.

Fit the new belt along the groove around the drum. Loop the other end around the pulleys.

Replace the front panel onto the dryer cabinet.

Lower the top panel. Replace the screws securing the top panel to the Hotpoint dryer cabinet.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
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