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Updated April 17, 2017

Pictureka, a game developed by Hasbro, challenges friends and family to find hidden pictures in a short amount of time on illustrated game tiles. This game is recommended for at least two players and for children at least six years of age. Pictureka is an ideal game for families; it has cute cartoon characters and a short play time.

Set up the game. Lay out the nine game tiles in a 3x3 grid in any order you would like in the middle of the players. Separate all 55 of the mission cards into three piles--one for each colour: blue, red and green.

Learn what each colour mission card means:

Blue cards denote a mission in which the first person to find the object on the tiles wins the mission card.

Green cards are meant for the person who draws the card and only that person. The player must find a certain number of objects in the grid against the timer in order to keep the mission card.

Red cards mean that everyone takes a tile from the 3x3 grid and places it in front of themselves. The person whose turn it is turns over the red card on top of the red pile and reads the mission out loud. The first person to complete that mission wins the mission card and the turn is over.

Decide how many rounds you will play of this game. For 2 or 3 players, this will be 3 rounds of each colour card. 4 or 5 players will play 2 rounds. And 6 or more will play one round for each colour mission card. A round consists of going around the circle clockwise giving each player a turn to draw a card. Blue will be first, and each player will have a turn at pulling a blue card. Then green will be played and finally red. These three passes will consist of one round.

Play until someone wins. The object of the game is to win the most mission cards at the end of the set amount of rounds.

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