How do I Install a Mira Shower?

The Mira Atom is an after-market shower kit designed to upgrade a shower stall already fitted with standard plumbing. The Atom features a thermostatic mixing bar for precise water temperature adjustment and a separate adjustment to control flow. A diverter shifts flow from the hand-held sprayer to the "deluge" showerhead, or both heads may operate simultaneously.

Verify the existing water supply pipes in a solid wall installation. The pipes must be rigidly fixed inside the wall and able to support the shower. Connection configuration should be hot-left and cold-right. The pipes should be spaced 150mm apart, plus or minus 24mm.

Apply thread sealant to the threads of the water supply pipes. Screw the supplied Atom offset connectors loosely on to the water supply pipes. Use the bar valve as a guide to space the offset connectors. Rotate the connectors to achieve proper spacing for the valve. Make sure the connectors are level.

Tighten the offset connectors with an end wrench. The connectors should protrude 35mm to 40mm from the wall. Install the concealing plates on the offset connectors, screwing them in until they contact the wall.

Install a combination sealing washer/filter in each inlet of the bar valve. Remembering to orient the bar valve with hot on the left connector and cold on right, attach the bar valve to the offset connectors. Tighten the connections with an end wrench.

Insert the diverter into the outlet on top of the mixer bar and tighten its securing screw with the supplied 2mm hexagonal key.

Assemble the two pipe segments together to form a single riser pipe. Screw the riser pipe into the riser overhead pipe.

Drill two 6mm holes in the wall where the riser pipe and the overhead pipe join and install plastic wall plugs in the drilled holes. Slide the clamp bracket, hose retaining ring, compression nut and rubber sealing olive onto the rigid riser pipe.

Insert the riser pipe into the diverter outlet and the overhead pipe into the upper securing bracket, securing the overhead pipe to the bracket with supplied installation pins. Mount the securing bracket to the wall by screwing the two supplied screws into the plastic wall plugs. Slide the bracket cover over the securing bracket.

Hold the diverter to keep it from turning and tighten the compression nut on the riser pipe to install the pipe in the diverter valve. Attach the flow regulator to the hand-held spray attachment, then screw the hose into its downward-facing outlet on the diverter. Place a sealing washer in the deluge shower head and screw the head on to the riser arm.

Restore the cold and hot water supply and check for leaks.

Things You'll Need

  • End wrenches
  • Thread sealant
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