How to use a lumbar roll

Updated February 21, 2017

Lumbar rolls have long been used to support the lower back, and regular use can keep pain from becoming a constant burden. Unfortunately, people do not focus on proper posture as much as they should, especially when driving and sitting for long periods of time. Sinking into a chair or car seat will put strain on the lower back that eventually will cause pain, but unfortunately, this is the position most people find comfortable. Because a lumbar roll supports the back and aligns the spine, it can make long drives and prolonged sitting much less painful. These rolls are simple to use and very effective.

Purchase a lumbar support roll, a cylindrical pillow typically filled with cotton, foam or bead material, from your chiropractor or pharmacy. Choose one that is comfortable and contours well to the shape of your back. You also can purchase a lumbar pillow shaped more like a traditional pillow and contoured for the comfort and support of your lower back.

Sit up straight in your chair or car seat, so that the natural curve in the your lower back is present. The small of your back will create a small arch that typically is unsupported when sitting. This is where you will place the lumbar roll.

Place the lumbar roll horizontally between your lower back and chair to fill the space between the small arch in your lower back and chair or car seat. This will provide the support you need. Use your lumbar roll when sitting for long periods.


It is always better to use your lumbar roll before back pain sets in.

Things You'll Need

  • Lumbar roll
  • Place to sit
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