How to Replace Tupperware Parts

Updated March 23, 2017

Tupperware is a brand name of moulded plastic storage containers. Tupperware containers come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition to storage containers, Tupperware sells cooking accessories such as knives and ladles. Tupperware also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. If you need to replace any part of your Tupperware product, for example a missing lid, it's a simple process. If for some reason a replacement part isn't available, Tupperware will offer a comparable replacement.

Find the mould number on your remaining Tupperware product. If you are only missing part of your Tupperware, you will be able to look for a mould number on the part's complement piece. The mould number is a few inches beneath the "Tupperware" insignia on your piece.

Call Tupperware's customer care centre at 1-800-366-3800. The number is valid as of 2010.

Give the mould number to the customer service person on the phone. He will walk you through the process of getting a replacement piece.

Answer the customer service rep's questions and order the piece. The customer service rep will ask you why you need a replacement part and will need an address to send the piece to as well as credit card information to charge shipping and handling. She will also ask for an e-mail address to send order confirmation to.

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