O2 Blue G3 Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Jabra O2 Blue G3 Bluetooth headset, from GN, is manufactured to be directly compatible with the O2 brand of mobile phones as well as other O2 devices. The headset can also be paired up to work with other non-O2 Bluetooth-enabled phones and devices as well. The O2 Blue comes with a USB cable and power charger. The basic operation instructions for the O2 Blue are fairly straightforward.

Press the "Answer/End" button on the O2 headset to turn it on. You will see a series of flashes of the indicator light. The headset will automatically turn on in pairing mode.

Press the "Power" (or equivalent) button on the phone or device you want to pair the O2 headset with to turn it on.

Use the "Navigation" (or equivalent) key to scroll through the main menu to the "Bluetooth Settings" option, then press "Enter" (or equivalent) to open the settings menu.

Use the "Navigation" (or equivalent) key to scroll through the "Bluetooth Setting" menu to the "Pairing" option, then press "Enter" (or equivalent) to open the pairing list. Once you select the "Pairing" option, the list of available devices will appear. Select the O2 Blue headset from the list, then press "Enter" (or equivalent). This will initiate the pairing of the two devices.

Tap the "Answer/End" button on the O2 Blue to answer a call.

Tap the "Answer/End" button to end a call.

Double-tap the "Answer/End" button to redial the last number.

Press the "Up/Down" volume keys on the O2 Blue to adjust the volume, or press them at the same time to place the headset in "Mute" mode.

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