How to adjust self-closing cupboard hinges

European hinges are hidden hinges and provide a clean look to your cupboard doors. Some European hinges are self-closing. The self-closing hinges shut the cupboard door without slamming the door. If the cupboard door is out of alignment on the opening or the door is not shutting properly, adjustments to the hinge are necessary. Adjusting a self-closing cupboard hinge might require several attempts until you have the door corrected.

Open the cupboard door 6 inches and slowly release the door. If the door slams shut, the hinge speed requires decreasing. If the door does not close flush against the cabinet dace, you must increase the hinge speed.

Look for a small Phillips-head screw on the hinge clip facing you when you open the cupboard door. Turn the screw 1/8-turn clockwise to increase the hinge speed or 1/8-turn counterclockwise to decrease the hinge speed. Hold the door 6 inches from closing and release it to test again. Continue adjustments as necessary.

Close the door and examine how it fits across the cabinet opening. The door should fit square over the opening. Open the door once more to make adjustments as necessary.

Loosen the screws securing the hinge to the cabinet 1/4-turn with the Phillips-head screwdriver, if the door closes too high or low across the opening. Use the back edge of the door as a guide when adjusting the door up and down. Tighten the screws once you make the adjustment.

Find the two screws on the face of the clip joining the cabinet hinge to the door hinge. Loosen the screw nearest the door, if the door sags slightly in the opening. Lift the end of the door up and retighten the screw. Loosen the rear screw to move the door in or out if it is not square side to side when closed. Retighten the screw after the adjustment is made.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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