MGB Car Radio Installation

Updated July 20, 2017

The original 1962 MGB car radio was AM only and built into the centre console of the dashboard with a single speaker underneath. Over its 18 years of production, the MGB evolved into an AM/FM radio then an AM/FM with cassette tape and stereo speakers. With console car radios, the dimensions tend to be generic, which simplifies the installation whether you are mounting an original radio for restoration or upgrading the sound system.

Remove radio control knobs and faceplate. Measure the console opening to make sure the radio will fit.

Pull the three wires through the console opening and, using the wire stripper, remove a 1/2 inch of the plastic protective coating from the end of each wire. Attach the crimp connectors firmly to the exposed wires with the crimping tool.

Connect the white/green wire from the ignition switch to the radio for the switched power. Connect the purple wire coming from the cigarette lighter to the radio for constant power. Connect the remaining wire, which is the ground wire from the chassis and usually black, to the radio ground connection. If the radio has its own ground wire, remove it or join it to the ground wire from the chassis.

Slide the radio's DIN, or sheet metal, sleeve into the console opening. With the screwdriver, bend the sleeve notches behind the trim panel for a flush mount. This sleeve, or cage, supports the radio inside the console and keeps it rigid and locked in position. Slide the radio into the DIN sleeve until it is flush with the trim panel.

Replace the faceplate and control knobs.


File down the console opening if the radio is too tight a fit. Solder connections and insulate with shrink wrap if you prefer this method to crimp connectors.


Disconnect the battery cables BEFORE starting installation to avoid shocks, blown fuses or shorts to the electrical system.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Metal file
  • Wire stripper and crimping tool
  • Crimp connectors
  • Flathead screwdriver
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