How to Change the Head on a Velbon Tripod

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Velbon produces a large line of tripods that are designed to help photographers and videographers create sharp images and smooth video footage. Occasionally it is necessary for media professionals to replace or upgrade tripod heads. Velbon makes the process of switching tripod heads easy by requiring only a few steps for completion.

Extend the centre column on the tripod by turning the crank handle clockwise.

Loosen the three screws under the top plate of the centre column. The screws will either be flat head or Allen screws.

Tighten the panning locknut on the current tripod head and turn the entire head clockwise. The tripod head will start to loosen from the legs and will eventually come off completely.

Ensure that the panning locknut is tightened on the second tripod head and begin to screw it onto the Velbon tripod legs.

Re-tighten the three screws on the underside of the centre column. Try turning the new tripod head to ensure that it is on tightly.

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