How do I Remove the Center Console Gauges on an Audi 80?

Updated July 20, 2017

Some Audi 80 models were equipped with auxiliary gauges located in the centre console. From time to time it might be necessary to remove them, like when you replace the backlight bulbs. This is a relatively easy task for a do-it-yourself mechanic. Special care must be taken when working with interior trim pieces, which can be fragile and expensive to replace if damaged.

Disconnect the negative battery cable in the engine compartment, using a metric socket wrench.

Remove the ashtray from the rear part of the centre console by pulling straight upward.

Unclip the trim plate from the rear part of the centre console, using a wood or nylon wedge, then remove the screws behind it with a screwdriver. Remove the other screws retaining the rear half of the centre console to the front half, one on each side.

Lift the rear part of the centre console upward and slide it forward off the emergency brake handle.

Unscrew the shift lever knob by turning it counterclockwise.

Remove the screw on the passenger side rear corner of the centre console.

Remove the trim piece where the centre console meets the dash using the wedge. Remove the hex bolts behind it with a metric socket wrench.

Pull the centre console straight back to disengage it from guides in the dash.

Disconnect the wire connectors from the gauges. Now you can remove the bulbs by twisting them out. The gauges themselves are retained by nuts, which can be removed with a metric socket wrench.

Installation is reverse of removal.


It is a good idea to replace the bulbs, even they are still working, while you have the console out.


Use a soft tool, like a nylon or wooden wedge, to pry interior trim panels to avoid damaging them. Do not use screwdrivers.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat and Philips screwdrivers
  • Metric socket wrench set
  • Wood or nylon wedge
  • Replacement bulbs
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