How to Hang a Swag Curtain to One Side

Updated November 22, 2016

Dressing windows with curtains can add instant appeal, colour and style to a room. The draping nature of swag curtains creates romantic, soft lines, as swoops of fabric extend down from the curtain rod and back up. While swags can hang symmetrically, an asymmetrical look -- where the curtain hangs to one side -- can add interest to the room, frame seating areas with mirrored swags or highlight single windows to stand alone.

Iron over your swag curtain to remove folds and creases. Spread the swag out on a flat surface. Fold the curtain accordion-style lengthwise every 5 inches, to draw up the width and make the swag simpler to hang later.

Measure from your curtain rod downward how far you want the long side of the swag to hang on one side of the window. Use that measurement to measure from one end of your swag toward the middle. Tie a string around the body of the swag curtain to mark the point where the swag hits that measurement.

Measure down from your curtain rod the short distance you want on the other side of the swag to hang to create the one-sided look. This may only be 6 to 12 inches depending on preference. Find that distance along the other end of your swag curtain and tie a second string to mark that point.

Find the point along the swag that is halfway between the two strings and tie a third string to mark this middle point. Grab the swag at this string and lift the swag to make a loop with one short and one long tail hanging down from it.

Take the swag to your window and bring your hand that is holding the middle up behind the curtain rod and then over the rod to hang in front of it. Pull the loop as far down in front of the curtain rod as you want it to hang and have someone hold it in place.

Grab the string that is tied to the short side of the swag. Bring that portion of fabric forward, in front of the curtain rod, and drape the tail of the fabric over the rod toward the back. Adjust the swag so the tied string rests directly on the curtain rod at that end of the rod.

Repeat Step 6 with the long side of fabric to complete the swag effect and create three swoops of fabric along the rod. Make adjustments to the swag as needed so the three loops of fabric hang down the same distance from the rod or at unequal distances as you prefer. Remove the strings once the swag is in place.


Always use window coverings that blend with the existing furniture and fabric colours in the room for a more polished look.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • Tape measure
  • Curtain rod
  • String
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