How do I Resurrect a VersaPak Battery?

Written by sean o'rourke | 13/05/2017
How do I Resurrect a VersaPak Battery?
Rechargeable batteries save money. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Black and Decker manufacturers VersaPak battery cartridges to provide energy to their VersaPak line of power tools. Black and Decker manufacturers two lines of VersaPak battery chargers, referred to as Gold and Silver; each provides approximately 3.6 volts. The Gold VersaPak battery cartridge is composed of nickel metal hydride, and lasts 60 per cent longer than the Silver Versapak cartridge, which is composed of nickel cadmium. There is also a substantial difference in the time each battery model takes to completely recharge.

Buy a VersaPak battery charger if you don't have one. As of February 2011, Black and Decker manufacturers three units that charge both the gold and silver battery cartridges: the VP130, the VP131 and the VP160.

Plug the charger into an electrical socket. In the base of the charger, insert the negative end of the battery. Note that the VP130, VP131 and VP160 models will only charge Black and Decker Gold and Silver VersaPak batteries.

Allow Silver VersaPak battery cartridges three to six hours to charge while using a VP130 or VP131 recharger, or one hour if using a VP160 model. Allow Gold VersaPak battery cartridges six to nine hours to charge on a VP130 or VP131, and 90 minutes if using the VP160.

Things you need

  • Black and Decker VersaPak Battery Charger

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