How to Make Small Rubber Grommets

Updated February 21, 2017

Grommets, sometimes referred to as eyelets, are generally metal or rubber rings that are inserted into fabrics or other lightweight material. Tents and tarps are ideal examples of products that contain rubber and metal grommets, generally used for tying points or for securing tent poles. Rubber grommets can be made to suit a special project that you may be working on. Once accurate measurements are taken, rubber can be cut and shaped to be used as a grommet for your project.

Measure the diameter of the holes in your project that require the grommets.

Add 1/8 to 1/4 inch to your measurement. All grommets are flared on top and bottom to cover the hole and properly secure the grommet.

Stencil the diameter onto a piece of rubber. Drill a hole in the centre of the stencil, staying within your measurements. Cut the stencilled portion out of the rubber using a sharp utility knife.

File any uneven edges using a fine metal file or 400 grit sandpaper.

Place the grommet on its side and draw a line around the grommet body at the centre. Cut or file a trench around the line on the grommet to fit the initial measurement for the hole of your project. Repeat these steps as needed to make additional grommets.


Metal rings are often inserted into the rubber grommet to give more stability. You can cut the rubber to fit a metal ring as well if you prefer.


Use extreme caution when cutting and drilling into rubber. Wear appropriate safety glasses when operating a drill.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Rubber stripping
  • Utility knife
  • Fine metal file or sandpaper
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