How to Make Your Own Felt Tip Marker

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A homemade felt tip marker is made from an all-natural pressed-cotton quilt batting that is an eighth to a quarter inch thick. This type of batting is available in fabric stores and many hobby and craft stores. An all-natural fibre is required to make a felt tip marker so the indigo ink is absorbed into the fibres.

A synthetic fibre is made from plastic. Plastic does not absorb moisture, thus it will not absorb the ink correctly to make a homemade felt tip marker.

Open the seal (top) of a broad chisel tip marker casing and remove the felt tip marker centre. Discard the old marker centre. Set the casing aside.

Place a quilter's cutting mat on a flat surface. Place the natural pressed cotton quilt batting on the quilter's cutting mat. Measure and cut a piece of natural pressed-cotton quilt batting 3-1/2 inches long by 1/8 inch wide.

Put on the vinyl or latex gloves.

Place the cut piece of natural pressed-cotton quilt batting in a shallow dish. Cover the batting with the desired colour of indigo ink. Allow the batting to soak for 30 seconds.

Remove the ink-soaked natural pressed-cotton quilt batting from the shallow dish. Insert the end of the batting through the shaft of the broad chisel tip marker allowing it to protrude from the front end a quarter inch.

Replace the seal (top) of the marker casing. Trim the quarter-inch end to the desired shape. For example, bevel cut the end of the marker at a 45-degree angle.