How to Wire a Vibe Evolution Sub

Written by joshua laud | 13/05/2017

If you are disappointed by the level of the bass in your car then you can install a Vibe Evolution subwoofer into the back of it. Vibe Evolution subs are well regarded. It is quite simple to set up and wire a Vibe Evolution sub into the back of your car, as with most modern subwoofers.

Tape the Vibe positive power and remote turn on cables together and pass these behind the trim panels on the side of your car.

Connect the remote turn on cable behind your audio system to the Vibe cable. Connect the Vibe power cable to the power distribution block.

Thread the RCA cables through the trim of the car. Connect the RCA cables to the output of your audio system.

Thread the earth cable from the back of the car along the trim to the back of your power distribution block.

Connect the power, remote plug in and RCA cables into your Vibe Evolution sub. You have now wired the device.

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