How to Build Own Full Wave CB Antenna

Updated March 28, 2017

A "full wave" CB antenna is nothing more than an antenna for the base station of a citizen band radio. Like any radio, a CB radio's effective broadcast range is expanded when attached to an antenna. Making a home antenna for a CB base station is easily done with scrap wire from old coat hangers. When the antenna is completed, it is best to place it outside the building and as high up as possible to gain the maximum broadcast range.

Set three of the wire pieces out on a flat work surface. Position them so there are equal distances for all of the wires radiating out from the centre. Make the wires look like an asterisk.

Twist the three wires at the centre so they are locked into each other with the wires supporting themselves. Add the remaining wire to the centre and twist it at the centre so the wire stands upright from the three-pronged wire holder.

Splice the coaxial cable into the centre of the four wires. Expose the coax wires and then crimp them onto the wire centre. Add a strip of black electrical tape to hold it securely to the centre of the wire tripod.

Run the coax to the CB radio and plug it into the coax receiver in the back of the radio base station.

Place the antenna outside of the building, on a ledge or windowsill.

Things You'll Need

  • Four 105-inch pieces of stiff wire
  • Crimpers
  • Coaxial cable
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