How do I Remove a Door Handle on a Mercedes?

Updated February 28, 2017

You may need to remove the door handle on your Mercedes Benz because of general wear and tear, damage or malfunction. In order to access the internal handle parts, you will need to remove the interior door panel first. You should be able to complete this task within an hour or two using a couple of screwdrivers and a wedge tool. Replacement door handles are available through your local dealership or auto parts store. Below is the basic removal procedure, but it may vary slightly depending on the year and model of your car.

Open the door, sit in the car and lower the window for safety purposes. Remove all outer screws around the interior door handle. Their number and location depends on the year and model Mercedes.

Insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver or the plastic wedge tool in the crease of the triangle door panel. This panel is located close to the side mirror. Wiggle the tip around until it releases the retaining clip that holds the panel in place. Pull the panel off and put it to the side.

Locate the screw in the door jam that secures the metal door cover. This cover should be black. Remove the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Grab the sides of the airbag badge and pull it out. This will be above the door handle, and there will be a screw behind it that you need to remove.

Wiggle the tip of the plastic wedge tool into the bottom crease of the door panel. Move the wedge tool around until it releases the plastic retainers that hold the panel in place.

Insert your fingers between the door and the door panel. Gently pry the panel off and put it to the side. If there are any other screws or retainers holding it in place, remove these as well.

Remove the screws that hold the door handle to the door. The number of screws depends on the year of the car, but there are typically two to four positioned around the handle. Pull the handle off. You may have to twist it a bit to get it to release.

Disconnect the cable that is attached to the door handle and also the light located near the bottom of the door panel.

Disconnect the electrical connection, if your Mercedes has power door locks.

Unscrew the fastening devices that secure the door lock motor in place.

Reach into the hole that is midway down the door, next to the closing latches. Locate the motor lock assembly and disconnect it. Do this by pulling the rectangle motor connector away from the door lock motor.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Plastic wedge tool
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