How to learn cnc macros programming

Updated April 08, 2017

CNC (computer numerical control) systems are used to program many of the industrial machines used by operators in the metal removal, fabrication and electrical discharge machining industries. All CNC machines use axes for motion control. The more axes, the more complex the machine. In addition to motion control, these machines have several programmable accessories, such as automatic tool changing and spindle speed and activation. CNC programming, also called Macros programming, is done via sentence-like commands that will be performed in sequential order. Individuals who learn CNC Macros programming can find jobs as CNC service technicians, application engineers and instructors.

Enrol in classes. CNC course are offered at both technical colleges and universities across the U.S. These courses can be taken both online and on campus at facilities such as Bessesmer State Technical College, Purdue University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Purchase CD-ROM courses. Instructional software and DVDs on topics such as custom CNC Macros and CNC toolpath simulator/editor can be purchased online from sites that include Amazon, eBay, and Barnes and Noble. On these sites, products such as the FANUC CNC Custom Macros CD-ROM and the CNC Programming Techniques CD-ROM can be purchased for £32.40 -- as of February 2011.

Use manuals and handbooks. These resources can be purchased online or at your local bookstore. Books such as "CNC Programming Techniques: An Insider's Guide to Effective Methods and Applications" and "7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming... A Beginners Guide" can be purchased for about £16, as of February 2011. They are often available in eBook versions than can be downloaded at a discount.

Use free study resources. Search the web for free and downloadable study materials and informational websites, such as Purdue University Calumet, Machine Tool Help, and CNC-Academy -- all of which offer free CNC learning resources.

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