How do I repair a softub?

Updated February 21, 2017

Softubs are portable, weather-resistant hot tubs manufactured by Softub Canada. They have a soft, plush exterior, which explains how they came to earn their name. These tubs plug into a household outlet and can be set up in a short amount of time. However, like any hot tub, Softubs might experience technical difficulties that you will have to repair. Follow these steps to diagnose and repair the most common Softub problems.

Contact your Softub dealer to have them send you a vinyl repair kit if you notice any leaks in the liner of your tub. To fix a hole in the liner you will need to drain the tub to access the tear in the liner. Once the liner is dry, apply the adhesive to the application wand and then apply the adhesive to the patch. Secure the patch and allow it to dry, as per the directions. Each kit comes with different coloured liners to match your Softub liner.

Turn on the Softub and run the air jets. Check each jet to make sure they are all functioning. If not, there might be a solid obstruction inside the jet. To remove the jet, simply insert a finger into the centre hole of the jet and snap it out. Use a gentle soap and water to clean out the jet. Replace the jet, making sure it fits tightly back into place.

Turn on the Softub and run the air jets. If all of the jets stop working at once, you could have an obstruction in the plumbing. Take the filter out and check to see if there is any debris in the filter. To remove the filter, pull out the cartridge by hand. Take off the outer filter sock and rinse the sock and inner pleats of the filter with water from a hose -- this will dislodge any solid debris.

Turn the air control valve on and off several times. If you cannot seem to shut off the air jets, you will need to toggle the air control valve to resolve the problem and shut the air valve.

Press the "Jets" button on the control panel to turn on the jets. If they do not activate and the control panel's "Heating" light is on, unplug the unit for a few hours and then try pressing the "Jets" button again. If the jets still fail to start there could be a low voltage problem or a mechanical problem and the Softub will need to be returned to the manufacturer.

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