How To Change The Region IP On An XBox 360

Updated April 17, 2017

The Microsoft Xbox 360 uses an Internet connection for downloading game and system updates, accessing online play servers and connecting to the game download service Xbox Live Arcade. If the console's Internet Protocol address, which includes region data for the console, is improperly set, the Xbox 360 will be unable to connect to your country's Xbox Live servers. Luckily, you can change the IP quickly.

Turn on the Xbox 360 and navigate to the "System" tab at the far right end of the "My Xbox" section of the menu.

Select "Network Settings" and choose "Edit Settings."

Highlight the top row of settings and press "A." Choose "Manual" and select "IP Address."

Enter the IP address your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has assigned you for use with your console. If your ISP has not assigned you an address, enter "" and press "A" to reset the console's IP address, then press "B" and choose "Automatic" to have the console automatically acquire a new IP address with your correct region information.

Choose "Done" to finish changing your Xbox 360's IP settings. Reboot the console by turning it off and on again to connect to the Internet.


Xbox Live accounts are tied to the region or continent where the account's Gamertag ID was created. Even after correcting your IP address, online play requires your user ID to be modified by Microsoft. Contact the company directly to arrange this change. Alternatively, after changing your console's IP address, create a new gamer profile and select "Join Xbox Live" from the "Xbox Live" tab of the console's main menu.

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