How to stop a new fleece blanket from shedding

Updated February 21, 2017

While fleece naturally sheds with time, the shedding process can unintentionally speed up due to improper care while cleaning the fabric. Fleece is made of interlocking sheepskin that feels soft to the touch, but is vulnerable to pilling depending on the quality of the fleece, amount of washing, and drying techniques. Pilling is a degradation of fabric caused by rubbing the blanket against abrasive surfaces as well as tangling, and is recognisable by small clumps of the fabric on the fleece material.

Pour a 1/2 cup of mild washing powder into the washer, and fill the washer with cool or lukewarm water. High temperatures leads to pilling, and ruins the fabric's finish.

Place the fleece blanket in the washer, and promptly remove it after the washing cycle is complete.

Hang the blanket on a drying rack to air dry, or place the blanket in a dryer on a low-heat setting to avoid exposing the blanket to high levels of heat.


Do not bleach or dry clean a fleece blanket to remove stains, as it damages the finish that results in pilling.

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