How to make a homemade cat costume for a teen girl

Updated April 17, 2017

Cats are one of the simplest homemade costumes because they only really require accessories. The clothing on a cat costume is variable and adaptable to the wearer's taste. Teen girls usually prefer costumes that have some sex appeal. Cats fit well into these specifications. Discuss the type and colour of the cat your teen girl wants to be. Any coloured cat is recognisable with a well-made tail and ears, so the sky is the limit.

The Ears

Wrap one pipe cleaner around the plain headband to form a pointy triangular-shaped ear. Secure the pipe cleaner on the band with another pipe cleaner. Repeat to form the second ear on the headband. Try the headband on the teen girl's head and adjust the ears for style and comfort.

Cut two pieces of felt large enough to cover the front and back of each ear. Wrap the ears in felt so they are completely covered. Glue the felt onto itself and the band, and let dry.

Use acrylic paint to paint details on the dried ears. Add colour to the interior of the ear to differentiate it from the outer part of the ear. Paint the headband to match the fur of the ears, and let dry.

The Outfit

Select a top for the cat costume with your teen girl. Choose something she feels comfortable in and reflects the sleekness of a cat. The top can be long or short sleeved, preferably matching the ears and tail in colour. Shirts that are fitted against the skin most capture the essence of a cat.

Select bottoms for your teen girls cat costume. Choose bottoms that are the same or close in colour to the top. Shorts, tight skirts and exercise trousers like spandex work well.

Select the shoes your teen girl will wear with her cat costume. Both flats and heels go well with cat costumes. Heeled shoes are sexier, while flats are more comfortable for long walks, especially for trick-or-treating.

The Tail

Cut one leg off of a pair of cat-coloured tights. Stretch the leg of the tights out against the teen girls behind. Determine how long you want the tail to be and add 7.5cm/3 inches to the length.

Stuff the tail with toilet paper to your desired thickness. Mold and adjust the toilet paper into the shape you want for the tail. Leave 7.5cm/3 inches without stuffing at the top.

Sew the end of the tail up at the end. Arrange it on your teen girls bottoms. Fold the unstuffed side of the tail under and sew it onto her trousers where you want the tail to hang.

The Cuffs and Makeup

Cut four small sections of the boa that fit around the teen girls wrists and ankles. Sew the boa pieces around the wrists of her shirt and the ankles of her trousers. Cut a section of the boa that will fit around the end of the tail. Sew the tail puff at the end of the tail.

Paint a pink triangular-shaped cat nose on the teen girl. Lightly paint white tufts underneath her nose to create the illusion of the cat's upper lip. Extenuate her eyes to point out at the end like cat's eyes, and draw on eyebrow and nose whiskers with black eyeliner.

Put on all articles of the outfit. Arrange the hair in the hairstyle of your choice and add the hairband. Wrap the remaining boa around her neck as a furry cat collar.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • Plain headband
  • 30cmx30cm/1 square foot of felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Shirt
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Pair of tights
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Feather boa
  • Face paint
  • Black eyeliner
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