How to Repair an Aiwa Mini System

Updated July 20, 2017

There are several problems you may face while operating your Aiwa mini HiFi component system, including the unit not turning on, poor sound quality and discs not playing correctly. The types of solutions available to you to try and fix these problems depends on the type of issue you encounter.

Check the main power cord. If it is loose or not plugged in, securely plug it in to an electrical socket.

Try plugging the main power cord into another electrical socket. If the one it is currently plugged in to is bad, the system does not receive power.

Check the ventilation holes in the rear of the system. If they are blocked, the system may overheat and leave you unable to turn it on. Remove anything blocking the vents and move the system to a more open area.

Adjust the volume by using the volume buttons on the remote or by turning the volume control knob on the main unit.

Check the speaker cables. If any are loose or disconnected, securely reconnect them.

Move the unit away from other electrical equipment that may be causing noise interference.

Check the playback side of the disc (the shiny side). If you see smudges or scratches, take a lint-free cloth and gently rub it on the playback side. Rub from the middle of the disc to the outer edge of the disc. Do not rub in a circular motion, as this may damage the disc.

Eject the disc and check to see whether or not it was placed correctly in the disc tray. If not, remove the disc and place it correctly in the display (with the playback side down).

Eject the disc and, with a lint-free cloth, rub from the middle of the disc to the outer edge of the disc to remove moisture. Leave the system to sit for about an hour to allow moisture condensation to evaporate.


Plug the main unit into a surge protector to prevent permanent damage in case of a power outage.

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