How to Repair an Alpine Stereo

Updated July 20, 2017

While using an Alpine car stereo, you might come across several performance issues. You can encounter problems with the stereo starting, problems with the radio and problems with the CD player. Depending on the type of problem you encounter, there are several options available to solve it.

Check the vehicle's ignition. If the vehicles ignition is off, the stereo does not start.

Check the power lead connections. If any are loose or disconnected, securely reconnect them.

Take a ballpoint pen (or something else with a small, pointed end) and use it to press the "Reset" button on the stereo's front panel.

Check the antenna if you are unable to receive radio stations. If it is not securely connected, reconnect the antenna.

Adjust the length of the antenna until the radio stations come in clearly.

Wait until you move to a different area. You might simply be in a weak signal area.

Check the playback (shiny) side of the disc. If there are smudges or scratches, take a lint-free cloth and gently rub the playback side from the centre of the disc to the outer edges. Do not rub in a circle or you risk damaging the disc.

Leave the stereo alone for around one hour to allow for moisture condensation to evaporate.

Open the vehicle's windows to allow for the interior temperature of the vehicle to cool.


It is possible the antenna might be damaged beyond repair. In such a case, you need to call your dealer for a replacement.

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