How to Unlock Amazon Unbox Videos

Updated March 23, 2017

Amazon sells digital movie downloads and appropriately calls them Unbox. To watch the movies you have to install the Unbox software, which uses Windows Media Player, but you can't just use Windows Media Player without Unbox installed. You can't watch movies through other players either.

Go to the Amazon website. Choose the movie you want to watch and purchase it. If you already own the movie and previously downloaded it, you can skip this step.

Download the Unbox player from the Amazon website (see Resources). After it's downloaded, click on the application to install it. You may need to restart the computer when it's done.

Start the Unbox application, click on the movie and click on "Download." If you don't see the movie, go to the "Open" menu and browse to locate the movie. Enter your account username and password if prompted to do so and the movie should be unlocked for watching.

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