How to Renew an Expired Malaysian Passport

Updated April 17, 2017

In order to make your way into or out of Malaysia, you need to renew your passport if it is expired. Finding information from the Malaysian immigration department on how to renew your travel documents can be hard to find online, but there are other sources available. With the right documents for renewal, you can get your passport up to date in only about five minutes of processing time.

Visit your local immigration department's passport counter in order to use the renewal processing machine. You will be prompted to place your thumb on the print reader to verify your identity after the machine receives your documents, as well as the type of passport you are requesting, either thirty-two or sixty-four pages.

Insert single notes in the Malaysian currency rm 300 into the machine to pay for the renewal process and printed documents of the thirty-two paged version. Sixty-four paged passport versions will cost more, so contact your local immigration department for price specifics before showing up in person.

Insert your copy of your MyKad, identification photo, and old passport into an envelope, then slide it into the renewal machine's slot when asked. When the order receipt prints, verifying your order, you will be told which counter to pick up your new passport documents once they have been completed.


Your identification photo that is to be used for your new passport request must be current, and not the same as the one that is contained within your expired passport. You must have a valid MyKad and microchip-embedded passport in order to renew your documents with these steps.

Things You'll Need

  • MyKad duplicate on A4 paper(210 --- 297mm)
  • Identification photo
  • Old passport
  • RM300 in currency
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