How to Reset a Panasonic Radio Security Code

Panasonic produces both stock and aftermarket radio receivers for automobiles. Their stock radios are found in popular vehicles from automakers, such as Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Honda, GM and Volkswagen. Panasonic radios include a theft-deterrent feature that requires you to enter a security code after changing the vehicle's battery. As long as you know the original four-digit code, you can reset the security code for your Panasonic radio in just seconds.

Enter the four-digit security code that you set for your Panasonic radio when you first got it. Make sure to enter the correct code or you will not be allowed to set a new security code for the radio.

Enter a new four-digit security code for your Panasonic radio.

Enter the new four-digit security code a second time to save it into the receiver's memory.

Write down the new security code on your Panasonic radio users manual, or on a separate piece of paper. Store the code in a secure location. You will need it if you have to reset the radio.


Reset your Panasonic radio after each vehicle battery change, or whenever the "Code" error message appears on the radio's digital display. To reset the radio, enter the four-digit security code.


You must know the original security code to set a new security code for your radio. If you've forgotten or misplaced the original security code, contact Panasonic customer service for more information.

Things You'll Need

  • Original four-digit security code
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