How to Remove the Front of a Hotpoint Dryer

Updated February 21, 2017

General Electric makes Hotpoint Dryers for the American market, according to the Consumer Reports website. For the majority of the dryer repairs and testing, you must access the interior of the dryer cabinet. You replace the dryer belt, the heating element, the thermostats, the blower motor and the thermal fuse by removing the front of the dryer. You must access the screws that hold the front of the dryer to the cabinet by lifting the top. Be careful when removing parts of the dryer cabinet. You do not want to damage any wiring attached to the top or sides.

Unplug the Hotpoint dryer from the wall and open up the dryer door to access the screws holding the dryer top to the cabinet. Remove the screws along the top edge of the door recess. Lift the hinged dryer top and rest it against the wall behind the dryer for support.

Remove the screws from the top right and left front corners that hold the front of the Hotpoint dryer to the dryer cabinet. You must remove these screws by reaching inside the cabinet.

Lift the Hotpoint front up and off the dryer cabinet. The wiring that connects to the door switch travels along the left or right side of the cabinet and to the back of the dryer. Make sure you move the door to the same side of the dryer cabinet as the wiring.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips or slotted screwdriver
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