How to get partylite bookings

Written by marissa meyer | 13/05/2017
How to get partylite bookings
Candles could be your ticket to a bright future. (Set of lit candles. Lighted candles. Glowing candles. Flames image by L. Shat from

Many entrepreneurs have found a niche with PartyLite and its line of candles and home decor. According to its website, the home-based direct sales company has more than 68,000 consultants worldwide. A PartyLite consultant hosts a show at the home of a designated hostess. The hostess receives discounts in exchange for inviting friends to hear the consultant's presentation and view products. The common theme in PartyLite sales material is that success starts with generating show bookings.

How to get partylite bookings
Know your hostess incentives front to back. (woman reading image by from

Study your lists of current hostess incentives and monthly specials. Prospects will want to know what benefits they can earn.

How to get partylite bookings
Booking your first show is as simple as calling your best friend. (Woman talking on the phone image by oddech from

Ask your personal contacts to book a show. According PartyLite's "Start With Success" guide, new consultants are encouraged to host their first shows at the homes of friends and family members. Call those closest to you and expand your contact list to include acquaintances and co-workers.

How to get partylite bookings
Allow your contacts to help you make new connections. (shaking hands image by Sean Gladwell from

Ask those who book a show if they could invite people you've never met. Connecting with new people will expand business beyond your personal circle.

How to get partylite bookings
Host a starter show at your own home. (party invitation image by robert mobley from

Invite those who decline to book to a Mystery Host starter show. This is a show hosted by you, with the hostess incentives being distributed or raffled off to guests. Offer bonus gifts for attendees who bring a guest, submit a referral or book during the show.

How to get partylite bookings
A beautiful display will make guests eager to host their own shows. (candles image by cherie from

Arrive to your show early to consult with your hostess, set up your display and mingle with guests as they arrive.

How to get partylite bookings
Your hostess is your partner. (Young business women consalting image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from

Discuss booking goals with your hostess before guests arrive. According to the PartyLite "$ellabration" region website, you should schedule at least three bookings at each show. Ask your hostess which three guests are most likely to book.

How to get partylite bookings
Make sure your guests know you care about them getting the best deals. (happy woman image by Mat Hayward from

Personalise your explanation of hostess benefits. For example, point to a lamp in your display and say, "I saw Jennifer admiring this beautiful lamp. If she books a show today she could score it at half price or even free." Proceed to describe incentives in detail.

How to get partylite bookings
Market your shows as fun girls' nights. (women silhouettes on golden stage image by dip from

Present creative alternatives to traditional shows. Suggest themed shows like "Spa Night" or "Mexican Fiesta." Offer friends the option to co-host shows.

How to get partylite bookings
Spend one-on-one time with each guest. (women with folder image by Valentin Mosichev from

Work personally with each guest to finalise her order. Ask which items are on her wish list and explain how she can get them discounted or free by hosting a show.

How to get partylite bookings
Offer coveted products as door prizes. (burning candle with cristal candle holder image by Dev from

Distribute door prize slips. Ask for contact information, favourite products and referrals in exchange for entry. Check slips to make sure they are filled out completely before drawing names.

How to get partylite bookings
Follow up with prospects by phone after each show. (woman on phone image by Mat Hayward from

Call everyone who filled out a door prize slip without booking. Remind your prospect of her favourite products and the hostess incentives. Offer two days you have available for a show and ask which day will work best for her.

How to get partylite bookings
Let a referred prospect know her friend thinks she'd make a great hostess. (Two smiling girl friends - blond and brunette image by Galina Barskaya from

Contact referrals listed on door prize slips or mentioned by contacts. Mention the referral source's name and let the prospect know she already has one guest looking forward to attending her show.

How to get partylite bookings
Keep an up-to-date mailing list. (woman working on a laptop computer image by Julia Britvich from

Enter e-mail addresses you receive into your PartyLite mailing list--whether they booked, may potentially book or are not interested in booking. You benefit from keeping contacts updated on the latest hostess incentives. The right deal might entice a past hostess to re-book--it also could convince a sceptic to try hostessing.


Carry your PartyLite catalogue and booking calendar with you everywhere. You never know when you might run into a potential hostess.

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  • Carry your PartyLite catalogue and booking calendar with you everywhere. You never know when you might run into a potential hostess.
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