How to Sell Henriot Quimper Pottery

Updated February 21, 2017

HB Henroit Faiencerie is one of the oldest French companies still in operation today. It specialises in fine art country pottery made from white clay. It was founded in 1690, during the reign of Louis the XIV and continues to sell pottery throughout the world. Due to the long and prestigious history of the company, Henroit Quimper Pottery is valuable and collectable. By correctly appraising and listing a pottery piece, you should be able to sell your Henroit Quimper Pottery.

Collect any information that you have that came with the pottery. Try to find the original box for the pottery and any original sales certificate. If your pottery is very old and you don't have any items or documents, it won't prevent you from selling it. However, having in hand the original documents and packaging can help in the valuation process.

Contact a valuation agent or auction house. HB Henroit recommends Quimper Enchères or Thierry-Lannon & Associés as specialist valuation agents. Both agents are located in France but can consult with prospective clients via telephone and e-mail. Tell an agent that you would like to hire someone to value the piece for you. If you want to list the item with the auction house, he or she will help you establish a value for the pottery as part of the auction fee. If you don't want to sell your piece at one of the recommended auction houses, you can still pay an expert at the auction house to establish the value of the piece. After an expert establishes a value, you can list your pottery at any auction house or boutique. You can also gain a valuation from a trusted agent in the United States. Just make sure that the agent that you consult is experienced in French pottery and, ideally, has experience valuing HB Henroit Quimper pottery.

List your pottery piece for sale. There are a variety of traditional and online markets where you can sell your pottery. If you list your piece on an online auction website, take quality photographs of the pottery. Write about the pottery clearly and accurately, making sure to emphasise any unique qualities of the piece, such as rarity or the history of the piece if it is especially old. Don't list the item without also listing a reserve price, which is the price that the auction must reach in order for you to sell your piece. For example, if you value your item at £3,250, set a reserve for the item at the lowest price that you would take for the item, such as £2,600. This means your reserve price is £2,600.

Contact art and antique dealers in your area that may already sell used or new Henroit Quimper pottery. These dealers may be willing to put your item for sale on consignment. This means that they will sell your item in their shop and then split the profits with you, according to the arrangement you establish with the shop. These fees may be anywhere from 20 to 40 per cent of the sale price.

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